Power draw on audio circuit when car off


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2017 Santa Fe SE
2017 Santa Fe SE has 1.5 amp power draw all the time. Killed a couple batteries. Dealer not capable of figuring it out. The draw is definitly on the 15 amp multimedia circuit, Have tried 3 different head units with no change. Circuit is also supposed to power the telemetry module which has different ID 's: MTS, AVN, and by diagrams is located behind the glovebox. Removed glovebox, no module other then the fuel injection module there. Thinking this module was the problem but don't understand why it's not there, It's the BlueLink communication which I'm pretty sure all trims levels have. Can't figure out what else would be on this circuit. Everything is working normal other then the power draw.

Thank goodness they were thoughtful enough to put an on/off switch on the interior fuse box which is now getting used every night. Any help would be greatly appreciated as you can imagine.