p0346 keeps coming back after replacing sensors and checking wiring


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2009 Santa Fe
I've got a 2009 Santa fe 2.7l v6 that keeps throwing camshaft sensor code p0346. I have replaced both camshaft sensor A bank1 and bank 2, checked the sensor connector ends (Ignition on, Pin 1 has 5v, pin 2 gnd, pin 3 has 5v. ). I found some posts on other sites suggesting the alternator possibly giving a bad signal that affects these sensors so I pulled the 150a fuse for it and code still reappears pending and then goes active after 2-3 starts. Car has no issue starting hot or cold, is not sluggish on accel. Only symptom we can tell is gas mileage is very bad (like 250miles/tank)

It needs an oil change but im not sure how that would affect the hall sensors.
Battery is good as far as we know, has no trouble starting the car nor is there excessive cranking.